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UMBEO is an Innovation based Tech Startup, that aims to solve real life issues with Technology

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About Us

UMBEO is among Top 10 startups of its State


Start up India

UMBEO is a proud member of the startups recognised by government of India as an Innovation based company.


Startup Uttrakhand

Just as the national body of Start Up India, UMBEO is a proud member of those few elite Startup organisations that are being incubated under Startup Uttrakhand Policy.

Our Success Story

" Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take."

With one of our solution we are trying to prevent road accidents, while with another we are trying to help people with visual impairment get a cognitive sense. The sense of giving is a motivating force for our entire team. The photograph on the right was taken when we presented one of our solution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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UMBEO's core is dependent on its innovations and strong technical developments


Internet of Things

IoT is no doubt the buzz word of the era, at UMBEO we deliver the latest IoT solutions, be it Home Automation, Smart Devices, Smart Transport etc.


Computer Vision

"You can be superhuman just by using a camera"- Elon Musk, CV is no doubt an underated technology, which we at UMBEO have always channelized and will keep on doing.


Machine Learning

Machine learning has always been a topic of discussion, UMBEO is dedicated to bring machine learning based products and solutions from discussions to households.


Embedded Systems

Computers have shrunk to smaller than our palms,We at UMBEO realise that these marvels of Embedded systems when combined with other software technologies, can solve problems that were impossible to be solved a year ago.

Some of our Solutions

Our specialization lies in Computer vision based products, but with a growing team UMBEO has been able to adress many public issues by technology

Sleep Detector

Detects Driver Drowsiness and makes the person alert by an alarm to prevent road accidents.

Iris-App and Device

Detects objects,faces,text etc. and gives cognitive audio output to visually impaired.

HaRA net

A GIS and Data Analysis based solution for prediction of most optimal seed for farmer in indian situations.


Clients Trust Us

Our aim is always to serve the needs of our clients


Their Product can save lives, and we are more than ready to colaborate with them (about Sleep Detector)

-Shailesh Bagauli, Secretary of Transport Uttrkhand


They are ready for their Major Investment, with these kids future seems bright

-Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Founder, Venture Catalysts

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One of the Company morals of UMBEO, is dedicated to customer feedback and transperacy

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